The World Health Organization (WHO) and Covid-19

Pfizer Joins WHO Initiative to Distribute COVID-19 Vaccines Worldwide

The company announced that it is joining a non-profit joint effort by several organizations and other pharmaceutical companies to ensure equitable access to vaccines against COVID-19 and to immunize at least 20% of the population of each country by the end of the year. . The COVAX initiative is also continuing its research and preparing to deal with new mutations in the virus.

The UN celebrates the return of the United States to the Paris Agreement and the permanence in the WHO

President Joe Biden has signed an executive order for his country to once again join the Paris Agreement, signed by 194 nations, and which seeks to keep this century's global temperature rise below 2 ° C to prevent further events. extreme weather conditions. The president also signed another executive order that prevents the United States from leaving the World Health Organization.