The United Nations (UN)

The United Nations Organization (UN, UN)… is the most comprehensive attempt in the history of Humanity to create an IO (International Organization) that aims to maintain international peace and security as the first and foremost of its purposes. The UN is, without a doubt, the clearest example of a universal organization, since today, after a broad process of incorporation of new members, it is made up of practically all the existing States.


The UN is an O. I, created by the States through their Constitutive Treaty, known for Charter of the United Nations, or Charter of San Francisco, and forms an international political structure capable of transforming itself and could even legally disappear, as happened to the SDN, (League of Nations); Although this last eventuality is not foreseen in its founding Treaty, whose validity is theoretically indefinite.

(Excerpt from the book Las Organizaciones Internacionales by the great internationalist Manuel Diez de Velasco).