International Maritime Organization (IMO)

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is one of the specialized agencies of the United Nations, whose primary objective is the standardization of navigation, regulating aspects of goods, security, the environment, among others. It was previously known as the International Maritime Consultative Organization (IMCO), as it was strictly consultative. The Constitutive Treaty of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) dates from March 6, 1948, Geneva.

The Constitutive Treaty of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) establishes as one of the purposes of the Organization: “To provide a system of collaboration between the Governments in the sphere of regulation and governmental practices related to technical matters of all kinds concerning maritime traffic destined for international trade; encourage and facilitate the general adoption of standards as high as possible in matters related to maritime safety, the efficiency of navigation and the prevention and containment of marine pollution from ships; and address the administrative and legal issues related to the objectives set forth in this article ”. Its headquarters are in London, United Kingdom.